Legislation, Licenses and Public Entertainment.


Community Works and Locality both have regular updates on new or revised legislation affecting the Community and Voluntary sector. Information is also freely available on the websites. Other CBN members may also be able to help.

The Data Protection Act

See online Data Protection Act 1998 for further information, and other CBN members may also be able to help.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

The Resources Centre has information on this act and Possability People will also be of great help.

Licenses and other Legal Permissions


For most licenses, including community premises and public entertainment, you will need to contact the Licensing team at Brighton and Hove City Council, tel; 01273 294429. The Council website also has the necessary forms and guidance. Additional information can be found on the Locality Website, as to whether you need a license and where and how to obtain one.

Community Premises License.

According to Brighton and Hove City Council, a Community Premises license is required for a Church Hall, Chapel or a similar building, occupied in connection with a place of public religious worship, a village hall or similar building, with an occupant capacity of less than 300 people. This license covers music and dancing, performances of stage plays, cinematograph exhibitions and indoor sporting events. There is no fee payable for this. A license is not required where music is performed as part of a religious service or meeting.